Past Xcel Pro Champions
(Oct. 27th 03:11:53 PM)
Here's a list of all previous winners of Xcel Pro contests through the years...

VIDEO: Day 3 Highlights
(Nov. 3rd 06:01:21 AM)
Semi-finals and finals action...

VIDEO: Day 2 Highlights
(Nov. 2nd 03:34:19 PM)
Sunset was firing and challenging at double to the occasional triple overhead...

VIDEO: Day 1 Highlights
(Nov. 2nd 03:34:16 PM)
Some goodies from the first day...

Maui's Hank Gaskell Wins '09 Xcel Pro
(Nov. 2nd 02:12:58 PM)
Overcomes Sullivan, Padaca, Beschen in gritty final heat...

Final Day - Finals Heat Results
(Nov. 2nd 12:32:08 PM)

Final Day - Full Semifinals Heat Results
(Nov. 2nd 11:24:05 AM)

Final Day ON Today...
(Nov. 2nd 08:00:45 AM)
Champion to be determined by 11:00 AM HST...

Day 2 Recap, '09 Xcel Pro
(Nov. 1st 06:40:15 PM)
Defending champ Pancho Sullivan a standout at Sunset...